Skin Oil - Jojoba 


Product Information

Our Jojoba Australian Virgin Oil is made out of  50% pure Jojoba oil and 50% of white mineral oil. Jojoba oil is good for acne, dry skin, and countless other skin conditions, plus a humectant ingredient trusted source. This oil has a similar chemical composition to the skin's sebum, making it suitable for all skin types especially skin that is prone to outbreaks.

White mineral oil is a very light oil in terms of skin feel and is ideal for ultra-dry skin with barrier issues. Mineral oil is highly unlikely to cause irritation and sensitivities because of its chemical blandness. This can be very beneficial when skin is under stress and needs a rest, making this formula a fantastic mix for your skin care routine. This oils is ideal for face, hands and elbows.


This oil works as a sealant for your skin with a protective barrier to keep it from losing moisture. 


Jojoba oil contains natural forms of vitamin E. This vitamin works with your skin as an antioxidant,  helping your skin fight oxidative stress caused by everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins.


The antioxidants in jojoba oil may help your body produce collagen. Collagen has the correct properties for tissue regeneration. 



Hand Made Candle

Large 390 mL / 13.1 fl.oz




Spray Mist

250 mL / 8.4 fl.oz



Reed Diffuser

250 mL / 8.4 fl.oz