Two Brisbane-based entrepreneurs with a passion for Australian made products. Our promise is to bring to you a range of products that not only keep you and your loved ones feeling fresh, but also provide a delightful scent and will transform any ambient into a natural landscape.


We are the creative minds behind Be. Laboratories Australia – from our web design to product formulation – all our processes have a touch of love, hard work and passion. One of our biggest dreams is to see and promote Australian made brands all over the world! And we know that with your support, we can get there.

The creation of Be. Laboratories Australia was inspired by that passion and fuelled by a need we found of buying, promoting, and celebrating Australian made products. 

From this point of view, we then decided to form Be. Laboratories Australia. Our core mission is very simple, we are mixing the next generation of Australian made products – right here from Brisbane!


By reading these lines, following our social media channels or buying our products, you are helping us build this dream and we just want to thank you.


Feel free to drop us a line at any time! We are here for you and we will try to bring you the highest quality of Aussie made products.


Stay fresh and safe.