We started our business providing marketing and design services to small businesses across the Brisbane area. This indeed was a life changing experience and if it taught us something, it helped us discover our true passion–mixing natural extracts to create clean and beautiful household products. 

The creation of Be. Laboratories Australia was inspired by that passion and fuelled by a need we found of buying, promoting, and celebrating Australian made products. We saw a lack in the promotion of locally manufactured products such as surface cleaners, hand sanitisers and even hand wash.

From this point of view, we then decided to form Be. Laboratories Australia. Our core mission is very simple, we are mixing the next generation of Australian made products – right here from Brisbane!

We are two Brisbane-based entrepreneurs with a real fascination for nature’s extracts and scents. Mixing these components in the lab with everyday household products is what we do best. Our promise is to bring to you a range of products that not only keep you and your loved ones feeling fresh but provide a delightful scent that will transform any ambient into a natural landscape.